Austin Robot Round-up February 14

Austin Robot Roundup is usually on the last Saturday of Build Season (so 14th of February), but several years we’ve informally extended it into Sunday. This year, look for it to be February 14 and 15th at ATX STEM Park.

Nov 6, 2014 — Austin Community College donates space

ATX STEM Park is pleased to announce they have a home. In a collaborative agreement with Austin Community College, Phase 1 of ATX STEM Park will begin spring 2015 with over 5000 cubit feet of robotics space in Austin’s Highland Mall.


“Finally world class Robotics Teams in Austin will be able to play an actual game before they travel to competition,” says Becky Carter, ATX STEM Park board member.


ATX STEM Park envisions a community-wide accessible space where citizens share their passion to learn, create and compete in pursuit of STEM activities. Phase 1 is the first of a 3-phase plan which eventually has the Park in their own purpose built space, which would allow for everything from children’s educational programs to Friday night pick-up robot games.


“For young and old alike. It can be a space where the older generation can teach the younger shop skills, and the younger can teach the older computer skills,” says Janet Ashgar, ATX STEM Park board member.

A key focus of the ATX STEM Park is to engage the community in new ways.