Beautiful space - Friday Night Bots was a huge success in the new beautiful space that is Texas Museum of Science and Technology. Will well over 100 people in attendance, the museum felt alive and full of energy. Several FLL teams scrimmaged informally, while nearby patrons engaged in squishy circuit activities, or lego gear instruction. LASA Robotics students […]
Feb 5 — Friday Night Bots - FREE  Friday, February 5, 2016 6-9pm Everyone is welcome. This free event provides something for the whole family. Hands-on squishy circuits and WE-DO Robotics for new-to-robotics learners. Any FLL or FTC member may bring their bot and play on the fields. Spectators may watch, or get involved at their comfort level. FTC teams will have a […]
Being homeless does not stop ATX STEM Park - ATX STEM Park was open to the public with 10,000 square feet of space in Highland Mall during the spring of 2015. While we no longer have that space, as ACC is renovating the entire mall, we are privileged to continue supporting the robotic community in Austin. This fall we intend to host more Friday […]
Friday Night Robots — April 17 -   LASA Robotics invites the community to celebrate Friday Night Robots with a game of “Cascade Effect” Friday, April 17th at ATX STEM Park in Highland Mall from 5-9PM.  FTC robots are encouraged for scrimmage play. Teams of all varieties can show off with team gear — shirts, buttons and other FIRST appropriate paraphernalia. Everyone welcome; enthusiasts and dedicated fans as […]
San Antonio joins the fun! - STEM lovers from San Antonio visited us today. We all see the need for robotics space in Austin, and San Antonio.  
Open for Business - The STEM Park in Austin continues to open it’s doors for STEM related activities for people of all ages. Do you have a need for STEM space?
Open House huge success - We drew a crowd during our Open House.  
Barn Raising — the video - It took a little under 2 hours to transform the old Aveda space into ATX STEM Park.
Feb 14 Robot Open House - Saturday, February 14, Highland Mall, 2nd floor. From 11am – 2 pm stop by and see a dozen robots, each over 100 pounds, in a pre-scrimmage. This is the 6th and final week of a 6-week robot build competition. The robots will be nearly ready to play the game, but major work will still need to […]