Beautiful space

Friday Night Bots was a huge success in the new beautiful space that is Texas Museum of Science and Technology. Will well over 100 people in attendance, the museum felt alive and full of energy.

Several FLL teams scrimmaged informally, while nearby patrons engaged in squishy circuit activities, or lego gear instruction. LASA Robotics students were at the ready, teaching hands-on activities for dozens of young children. Texas Museum of Science and Technology was a welcoming venue for the multiple robotic activities that LASA shared with the community.

In addition to all the action that occurred in the main museum area, the temporary wall barrier was moved aside so that the general public could walk into the back room, storage area and witness the full FTC court. While most FTC robots were in the PITS being worked on, a couple of the FTC bots took the field and gave a great show to the crowd of eager fans. GiraPHPHe, LASA’s FTC bot that took 2nd in the World last year, was on hand showing off it’s lawn mower blower suction system.

The highest area of activity for most of the evening (outside of the food tables) was in the well lit PIT area. 6-10 robots were up on tables, with full repair kits, and multiple team members working diligently on the hardware and software, preparing robots for the next competition.

Feb 5 — Friday Night Bots

Friday, February 5, 2016
Everyone is welcome. This free event provides something for the whole family. Hands-on squishy circuits and WE-DO Robotics for new-to-robotics learners. Any FLL or FTC member may bring their bot and play on the fields. Spectators may watch, or get involved at their comfort level. FTC teams will have a chance for friendly competition, without the pressure. Just for fun FTC bots! If we have enough FLL teams, they can scrimmage, too.
This is the 2016 Grand Opening of ATX STEM Park. We are graciously hosted by TX Museum of Science and Technology.

Being homeless does not stop ATX STEM Park

ATX STEM Park was open to the public with 10,000 square feet of space in Highland Mall during the spring of 2015. While we no longer have that space, as ACC is renovating the entire mall, we are privileged to continue supporting the robotic community in Austin. This fall we intend to host more Friday Night Bots for FTC teams, as well as helping facilitate the Austin area FTC Qualifiers.

Friday Night Robots — April 17


LASA Robotics invites the community to celebrate Friday Night Robots with a game of “Cascade Effect” Friday, April 17th at ATX STEM Park in Highland Mall from 5-9PM.  FTC robots are encouraged for scrimmage play. Teams of all varieties can show off with team gear — shirts, buttons and other FIRST appropriate paraphernalia. Everyone welcome; enthusiasts and dedicated fans as well as casual observers. Hands on activities for elementary children and novice adults will also be occurring. Food and non-alcoholic drinks for FTC teams provided.

  • Meet old friends
  • Make new ones
  • Strengthen our community
  • Play robots

Feb 14 Robot Open House

Saturday, February 14, Highland Mall, 2nd floor. From 11am – 2 pm stop by and see a dozen robots, each over 100 pounds, in a pre-scrimmage. This is the 6th and final week of a 6-week robot build competition. The robots will be nearly ready to play the game, but major work will still need to be done. Spectators are encourage. Come and see teams in the Pits as they put the final touches on their ‘bots and put them in the arena for the first time. There will be epic failures and grand successes.