Beautiful space

Friday Night Bots was a huge success in the new beautiful space that is Texas Museum of Science and Technology. Will well over 100 people in attendance, the museum felt alive and full of energy.

Several FLL teams scrimmaged informally, while nearby patrons engaged in squishy circuit activities, or lego gear instruction. LASA Robotics students were at the ready, teaching hands-on activities for dozens of young children. Texas Museum of Science and Technology was a welcoming venue for the multiple robotic activities that LASA shared with the community.

In addition to all the action that occurred in the main museum area, the temporary wall barrier was moved aside so that the general public could walk into the back room, storage area and witness the full FTC court. While most FTC robots were in the PITS being worked on, a couple of the FTC bots took the field and gave a great show to the crowd of eager fans. GiraPHPHe, LASA’s FTC bot that took 2nd in the World last year, was on hand showing off it’s lawn mower blower suction system.

The highest area of activity for most of the evening (outside of the food tables) was in the well lit PIT area. 6-10 robots were up on tables, with full repair kits, and multiple team members working diligently on the hardware and software, preparing robots for the next competition.