Feb 14 Robot Open House

Saturday, February 14, Highland Mall, 2nd floor. From 11am – 2 pm stop by and see a dozen robots, each over 100 pounds, in a pre-scrimmage. This is the 6th and final week of a 6-week robot build competition. The robots will be nearly ready to play the game, but major work will still need to be done. Spectators are encourage. Come and see teams in the Pits as they put the final touches on their ‘bots and put them in the arena for the first time. There will be epic failures and grand successes.


2 thoughts on “Feb 14 Robot Open House

  1. We fell sick and were unable to attend. It was noted that this was a pre-scrimmage match, is there a final match open to the public as well?

    1. Kimberly,
      Thank you for your interest. I’m sorry you were not feeling well.

      The actual competitions are outside of Austin, which is why we felt it so important to build ATX STEM Park. Heretofore, Austin teams would compete and be entering a robotic arena for the first time, never having tried their robot in a practical space until then went to competition.

      Here is a list of events that are somewhat near to Austin:
      Lubbock: http://hubcityregional.com/
      Houston: http://houston.txfirst.org/
      San Antonio: http://www.alamo-first.org/

      Becky Carter, Director
      ATX STEM Park

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